Agriculture and the Equipment It Requires

Preparing the Soil for Planting

Tilling the ground is one of the first steps you will need to take when you are preparing the soil for plants and crops. While tilling is a critical first step, individuals that are new to using tilling equipment may not always know the steps needed to effectively use these systems.

Understand The Tillage Depth Your Crops Will Need

The depth of the till is something to take into consideration during these projects. The optimal depth of the till will largely be determined by the type of plant you are needing to place. Reviewing the recommended till depth for these plants will be an important part of the process to prepare the till to be used. It is also necessary to consider the terrain and the soil type as well due to the need to ensure that all the till blades remain in contact with the ground for the duration of the process. Otherwise, there may be portions of the ground that are only partially tilled.

Keep The Tillage Disc Blades Maintained

Tilling tools will utilize durable blades that can effectively break up the soil and move it out of the way. These blades will need to be properly maintained if they are to remain effective at breaking up the soil. At a minimum, this will involve ensuring that the blades are thoroughly cleaned after each use. Otherwise, mud and other substances can harden and jam the mechanical parts of the tiller. Unfortunately, these blades may become warped over time as a result of hitting rocks and other extremely hard items in the soil. Warped till blades may not be able to create a straight trench, which could disrupt your spacing for the plants. If you notice one or more of these blades are starting to become warped at the edges, replacement blades should be installed.

Avoid Moving The Till Too Fast

It can take a till several rotations to be able to reach the desired depth and move the soil out of the way. When individuals move the till too quickly over the ground, the system may not have enough time to be able to effectively create the trench for planting. The tilling equipment will have a recommended speed at which it should be moved over the ground, but you may need to go a little slow when the soil is particularly hard or otherwise difficult to break up. This can spare you from needing to make a second pass over the area with the till or finish the work manually.

For more information about Tillage disc blade tool maintenance, contact a local company near you.